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WT Center in Copenhagen is the headquarters of WingTsun Scandinavia
and the oldest Wing Tsun school in Denmark.


9. June 2020

Corona Kung Fly Update      9. June 2020

We are back again in the WT Center from Monday 15. June. It will be a smaller weekly schedule tha normally. The WT Instructors Course/Morning classes are:
Monday, Wednesday og Friday 10:00, and the education continues after the lunch break as normally.
Evening classes which are for everybody: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 18:30.
Weekend is: Saturday 11:30 as normal.
WT DRAGONS as normally.
The training will be in a open windows area and with often hands "cleaning", and if anybody wants "no contact" training there are plenty of exercises. Also masks can be bought from Diego if wanted. Please do the "changing room stuff" from home if possible.
We just can't wait to start up!!!!!!!!     

Please Call or write us if any questions!!

All the best and remember to stretch your arms - Dai Sifu og Sifu Murholt

8. May 2020

Corona Kung Fly Update      8. May 2020

Due to latest news from the government, we are still limited into 10 pers. outdoor groups, and therefore we will not charge the June membership!
However,as previously mentioned, we will run some FREE "Maintenance" training sessions (1,5 h) 3 times a week.
It will be every Sunday, starting from Sunday 17. of May at 12:00 and hereafter every Tuesday at 18:00 and every Wednesday at 10:00. The training will off course be performed within the given directions as 10 person groups, distances etc., and will primarily be Forms, Basics, WT Strength etc.
We will meet outside the WT Center. Remember raincoat, liquids etc. and keep an eye on our homepage and FB, regarding updates due to the danish summer!!!

Please Call or write us if any questions - None is to foolish (well)!!

All the best and remember to stretch your arms - Dai Sifu og Sifu Murholt

23. April 2020

Corona Kung Fly Update      23. April 2020

As we have no fixed guidelines from the government after 10. of May, we will not charge the May membership!

However, we will start up in a small scale medio May, within the given directions off course – Like forms, basics, WT Strength etc. at the required distance and outdoor when possible. More info to follow.

In the meantime a little warning regarding Online Kung Fu - It doesn't work no matter what any great master might claim! !! Check out video here FB News !

Always HANDS ON – Unless you are doing homework - !!!!

Again, thanks to the many for the great support.

All the best and remember to stretch arms - Dai Sifu og Sifu Murholt

10. April 2020

Corona Kung Fly Update      10. April 2020

A little WT Center Easter hello ( FB News ), while we are waiting for PM's further sentence.

We do hope to start a little from 11. of May, and will of course update our homepage accordingly.

In the meantime you can do WT Forms and study Students Grades, WT DNA, Dictionary etc. at
You can always write or phone me regarding various questions!!!
Also you can throw around a little with your Mother in law, kids, dogs and other consumables.

We miss you all!! - Cheer up - See you soon - Kalkun!!!

All the best and remember to stretch arms - Dai Sifu og Sifu Murholt

24. March 2020

Corona Kung Fly Update      24. March 2020

WT Center will off course follow the recommendations from the government and unfortunately have to extend the closure till after Easter April 14th.
If the government recommends closure beyond Easter we will take that into consideration and set all memberships on hold.
Please direct all questions regarding compensation for this prior period, as free next seminar, a private lesson or a free month's membership on the "other side", to Sifu Murholt.

We are happy and humbled by the support from all of you in supporting WT Center, so we can be confident, that we have a WT Center when we come out on the other side.

REMEMBER: When you see Corona Kung Flu Zombies staggering along the streets seeking new victims, then you will remember why you started training WT to begin with!

All the best and stay safe - Dai Sifu og Sifu Murholt

22. March 2020

We are waiting for new instructions from Mette - PM, regarding guide lines for April !!!!
Keep an eye on the FB page and this for updates.
Check new stuff at and on our U-tube Channel - Remember to subscibe!!

Good luck out there - Dai Sifu og Sifu Murholt

12. March 2020

Due to the above, the Wing Tsun Center will unfortunately be closed from Friday 13. until Sunday 29. of March.
Regarding various questions - Please contact Sifu Murholt - +45 30121806.

As we don't now the consequenses form this Corona virus yet, please follow this page for various updates. We will off course adequately compensate the lack of training in due course.

Good luck out there - Dai Sifu og Sifu Murholt


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